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A traveller who has aimed to fly to the highest and let the world know how it feels.

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Hey everybody! Thanks for visiting my blog

Quite a task describing yourself you know, but well, I’m just another crazy guy set out on a venture to follow his heart.

I belong to the city of big dreams Mumbai, stumbling amongst the big fat crowd here trying to make a mark. Quite contradictory to what you’d expect, I’m a Law Student from the NMIMS UNIVERSITY,Mumbai, oh yes, but extremely passionate about travelling and spreading smiles.

I love travelling and I’m a thrill seeker! Always wanna feel that adrenaline rush inside me. Love experimenting and doing stuff that people normally don’t.

Aditya Samadhiya who is a firm Mumbaikar, a lawyer by profession, leisure traveler by heart, storytelling experiences in words is my passion. I’m a rover who wants to discover untaken paths and hear stories that exist with it. I love to plan my own trips, adhering to experience the madness of the place.  An extrovert by nature, I do not shy away from meeting new people and believe in creating a local connection. Love what you see and see what you love, I am a sightseer simply following my heart, striking items off the bucket-list with an aim to travel the whole world. What I love doing besides, is learning a foreign language, reading about the places I want to visit, dancing a happy foot to music, relish yummy food and adore cute animals and reptiles.

Travel. Adventure. Wander.

I am a regular guy trying to break the monotony of having a job by taking long breaks to explore my planet. I gravitate towards experiences that provide a narrative to satiate my incessantly curious soul. An avid storyteller myself, I want to put together a bunch of stories about my quests across the globe.

I aspire to capture the myriad flavours of a place, be it the culture, cuisine, history or folk-lore and present them in the truest of their forms. I hope my story inspires you to experience something new or leaves you with a sweet feeling of nostalgia.I’ve spent part of my time  travelling across India hitchiking. A series of fortunate events have led me to go places that I had long hoped to see, do things that I had only dreamt of doing and discover people and experiences that I could have never imagined.

Over the next few years I hope to convert these  breaks into a lifestyle. I would love to not have a return ticket and amuse myself by exploring new locations or rediscovering old ones

Keep reading my travel tales!

So, all you people out there with a desire to chase your dreams, what are you waiting for? Come join me in the journey!

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. – Rumi

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Travel Tales with Sun of Sudha is a blog about people, places and things that I like.  So many people ask me where to go, what places is best to eat at or many more questions.  I hope my bog helps 🙂


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