breeze under my knees , peace , life

Breeze under my knees.

I waited for this breeze
It’s all under my knees.
No!no! Huh!wow!
I think I’ll freeze
I thought It will cease,
No? Aah! let it tease.
At times I feel,
How great it is to live in nature,
It serves quality feature.
Think of a time when we’ll have non,
Just the plastic,change as drastic
All in the name of fun.
I m sad
Sad and all ashamed.
We were gifted with great minds.
Minds as of heavenly kinds.
What turned us in demon?
I m looking for good reason.
Trust me!
We were beautiful people
And we still are.
Let’s felicitate good
And not develop an evil.

The one who loves nature knows how to love himself.
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Hi, This is Aditya, I travel Solo ,and when the world talks about hunger, pain, parting and stay in wait for instant sex - I quietly enter my poetry - subtle, ambivalent and erotic. Travel with me by following me on Instagram @Asvin_samadhiya. Keep reading my travel tales!
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