Crazy Ones

There exists a small community of extremists.We  are not too different from you and all others.The only difference is that we people challenge the status quo.–The “crazy ones” they call us.“Crazy” enough to think that it is completely possible to live a Dream life.A life where we practice Travelpreneurship :“The Art of traveling, having the […]

Breeze under my knees.

I waited for this breezeIt’s all under my knees.No!no! Huh!wow!I think I’ll freezeI thought It will cease,No? Aah! let it tease.At times I feel,How great it is to live in nature,It serves quality feature.Think of a time when we’ll have non,Just the plastic,change as drasticAll in the name of fun.I m sadSad and all ashamed.We […]

Magic in Smile!

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of someone else’s joy.” – Nancy Bansal I believe that smile is the ultimate antidepressant.It has immense power to heal the woundsyou never know what magic your smile would doI see people with puzzled faces,frustrated, tiresome With tickling tears in […]

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