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Crazy Ones

There exists a small community of extremists.

We  are not too different from you and all others.

The only difference is that we people challenge the status quo.

The “crazy ones” they call us.

“Crazy” enough to think that it is completely possible to live a Dream life.

A life where we practice Travelpreneurship :

“The Art of traveling, having the time of your life and helping others do the same.”

Making a living… LIVING, we call it.

How “crazy” are we, really?

We made the Dream come true.

And we are on a mission to help more people become just like us.

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Hi, This is Aditya, I travel Solo ,and when the world talks about hunger, pain, parting and stay in wait for instant sex - I quietly enter my poetry - subtle, ambivalent and erotic. Travel with me by following me on Instagram @Asvin_samadhiya. Keep reading my travel tales!
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