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Raise, Fight And Smile For Peace

You Smile, as if you have to.

You smile, as if you are broken.

You smile, when you feel emptied.

Your smile is pure, it is the cure.

Your smile is not of face, it’s out of grace.

Your smile is light on new moon night.

Your smile is an expression out of depression.

You smile with love, that lives forever.

You smile to cover the fear.

You smile out of a cage of rage.

You smile for peace with piercing heart.

Your smile is a roar out of war.

– Mahipal Bablu

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Hi, This is Aditya, I travel Solo ,and when the world talks about hunger, pain, parting and stay in wait for instant sex - I quietly enter my poetry - subtle, ambivalent and erotic. Travel with me by following me on Instagram @Asvin_samadhiya. Keep reading my travel tales!
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