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The Bow Tie And Suspenders Fashion Craze

Suspenders And Bow Tie


The bow tie and suspenders combo is a timeless look that has recently began trending once again. Suspenders were common in the 1820’s when it was popular to wear trousers high on your waist. Then people decided that wearing your pants so high looked super lame and belts nearly eliminated the suspenders fashion scene. Some still believe suspenders are undergarments to be worn under a coat while others wear them out in the open. Luckily for us suspenders enthusiasts, they are quickly taking over the mens’ fashion world.

Classic suspenders tend to go well with pretty much any look. Be it casual or formal. Just close your eyes and picture a suave guy walking out of a vintage old school Porsche, rocking suspenders and a bow tie. It’s a classic look that fits just about on any occasion. Additionally, suspenders are healthy for your posture and hides your potbelly. Even kids look smart in suspenders!

Excuse Me! While I flaunt my elegance, where suave and dapper is new me.


Bow-ties are a more popular accessory than suspenders and many icons of the 19th century can be seen sporting one. It’s loved by people in showbiz and signals sophistication. Now slap on some suspenders and you have a dangerously dapper outfit. However, don’t think that simply wearing a bow tie and suspenders combo is enough to make you look good. There’s more to the style than just the accessories.

When wearing a bow tie with suspenders there are a few things to keep in mind. Your bow tie and suspenders should be of the same fabric. Even more impressive is if they are being tailored from the same cloth. However, this can be difficult for many. So, as a general rule of thumb just make sure the colors match. Accessories are made to match and if they don’t then your outfit will be all over the place. If you are wearing leather suspenders then it’s prudent to ensure that they match with your shoes.


Choosing The Right Suspenders

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right suspenders for your outfit. The trend these days prefer more of a casual look. That’s why we recommend ‘Y’ shaped suspenders with narrow straps and clip on attachments. They provide that sleek yet trendy look that suits nearly any occasion we wish to attend . There are so many types of suspenders that sometimes it can be hard to choose the right pair.

When going for a casual outfit, it’s important to go narrow with your straps. Wide straps are too functional and are better suited for work. Not only are there different suspenders sizes but also ways to attach suspenders. Clip on attachments are casual and button attachments are simply too formal. However, button attachments are perfect for events where you need to look your best, such as weddings. Clip on attachments certainly are easier to put on than button attachments. Those who choose suspenders with button attachments can even go the extra mile to shop for pants that are designed without belt loops.

Man with Suspenders And Bow Tie

Suspenders with jeans is an extremely fashionable combination. The combination when worn with jeans should always include clip on attachments. This is because jeans are strong enough to withstand the tight grip of the clips without tearing or fraying easily. Also, jeans are a very casual piece of clothing, so it’s essential to maintain that level of casualness throughout your entire outfit. Imagine a guy wearing jeans with wide strapped black suspenders and button attachments. All he’s missing now is a vest to go with the suspenders. He looks like a man who couldn’t make up his mind on how casual he wanted his outfit to be.

Try this sassy look and share your pictures to let me know how impressive your bow-tie and suspenders made you look.

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