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There’s an infamous saying that goes like this- ‘It takes one to know one and it takes one to influence one’. The Man with the mask presents ‘The Influence’. Here, we have put together a look where one can rock it either while training/gymming or simply as a casual wear. The look includes a sweatshirt, a longline t-shirt, shorts and sneaks. Quite simple yet significant, keeping in mind ‘Elegance in simplicity.’

Be bold, be fierce and don’t forget to look at them in the eyes.

Always make sure that your feet are in the right place, only then you should stand firm.

Pay attention to the details.

The Nike shorts made of synthetic, are extremely comfortable and perfect to be worn while running or jogging.

The shirt is a long line t-shirt which not only looks great when worn with shorts but also with jeans. It has a unique print with the word ‘Southpole’. The word South is particularly relevant here due to the fact that we are currently based at the southern part of the subcontinent.

Coming to the sneaks, the Adidas EQT high top comes with an attached ankle sock which makes it super comfy especially while running. However, they come with a cost, nonetheless, these sneaks definitely would look great when paired with chinos and a casual blazer. Also, the best place to get a pair would be an online shopping site as they are always on sale.

The sweatshirt is from Whooplr and has the word INFLUENCER printed on the front. Being a fashion influencer is of great significance because one has the power to influence the opinion and purchase behavior of others with one’s recommendations.

You are ready. Let the people fall in love with your dress sense now.

The End.

 Thank you so much guys for checking out this new post and hope you like the content. Shower your utmost love. Meghalaya blog coming soon so stay tuned.


Aditya Samadhiya .

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