Hope : The Unexpected Expectations

Zenavi texted the unknown _Not-so-bad-looking-Guy to speak her head and heart out. He welcomed her message with a heartful reply ” i am glad that you messaged me. It is not easy to come up and share your issues” Zenavi felt relaxed and they discussed about her life. The next moment they exchanged their digits and then the typing sped up. She was relieved to finally let some intelligent guy know of her problem. He explained how people lose confidence and hope when things around them go wrong and they must just keep going with that positive thought of upcoming good days in their head. She understood his words though his advices felt theortically impressive but practically hard to implement.
Days passed by.
She got usual to the new changes.
On a day The Unknown texted Zenavi, ” Do you have a boyfriend? I haven’t asked this to any girl before. Don’t take me wrong. I am not flirting .”
Zenavi did never expect such informal message from the Unknown. It was supposed to be Zenavi-talking- the-formal-to-Unknown .
His message melted the wire of Formal they.
From pschyology to sex to family to future they talked of all.
That day good night wishes in the morning hours felt blissful.
The Unknown inspired her. The Unknown was the only unknown hope she was left with.
Three nights in a month that’s how they talked.
They shared the same scary secrets.
They laughed at the logic of lustful love.
They craved for the caring curvy cuddles.
They mapped the merry meet.
They sensualized the serious stuffs.
They travelled to tasteless times
She relied on the never seen guy.
He smiled to the days that passed by.
This is how…
“The Unexpecting expectations” were crooned.

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Hi, This is Aditya, I travel Solo ,and when the world talks about hunger, pain, parting and stay in wait for instant sex - I quietly enter my poetry - subtle, ambivalent and erotic. Travel with me by following me on Instagram @Asvin_samadhiya. Keep reading my travel tales!
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